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The Institute for Business and Finance Research

The Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR) encourages you to participate in our academic conferences, and to publish in our peer-reviewed journals: The International Journal of Business and Finance Research, International Journal of Management and Marketing Research, Global Journal of Business Research, Accounting and Taxation, Business Education and Accreditation, Review of Business and Finance Studies, Revista Internacional Administración & Finanzas and Revista Global De Negocios.

We believe in the power of research and knowledge sharing. For our conference and journals, we welcome both theoretical and empirical manuscripts in all areas of business, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, information technology and related fields.

Research topics do not need to be global in nature for the conferences or Journals. Topics specific to any country, area, or issue are accepted.  

Areas of Interest

For our Journals and conferences, we welcome articles in the following areas:

Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Intergenerational Accounting, Governmental Accounting, Fraud Detection, IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards, Conveyance, CPA Exam, Management, International Trade, Strategic Management, Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship, Ethics,  Trade, Firm Governance, Corporate Governance, Globalization, Human Resource Management,  Public Administration, Computer Science, E-Commerce, Information Technology,  Management Information Systems, Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Production Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Advertising, Sustainable Tourism, Tourism, Logistics, Branding, Marketing Research, Merchandising, Personal Selling, Consumer Behavior, Promotion,  Eco-Tourism, Sustainability, Finance, Investments, Banking, Financial Economics, Behavioral Finance, Personal Finance,  Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Financial Markets, Capital Markets, International Finance, Options, Futures, Derivatives, Real Estate, Insurance, Public Finance, Agribusiness Finance, Health Care Finance, Chartered Financial Analyst Exam, Certified Financial Planner Exam, Economics, Labor Economics,  Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, History of Economic Thought, Econometrics, International Economics, Agricultural Economics, Health Care Economics, Business Law, Corporate Law, Healthcare Administration, AgriBusiness, Education, Accreditation, Teaching Techniques,  Teaching Methods, Tenure and Promotion, Business Education, Curriculum, Higher Education Administration, AACSB, Publishing, Certification Exams, Statistics, Research Methods.

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