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To downloaD and save the detailed call for papers download here. In the detailed call for papers, you will find detailed conference fees, hotel rates, proceedings & award submission etc. 

You are invited to participate in The 2015 Global Conference on Business and Finance (GCBF) – Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Conference, sponsored by The Institute for Business and Finance Research, LLC (IBFR), will be held from January 4-7, 2015 at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Las Vegas is an exciting destination with much to offer.  There are a wide variety of shows and activities to please any taste.  A large number of shopping outlets are located on the strip as well as throughout the city.  Gambling is legal in Las Vegas and there are many casinos throughout the city.  Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and twelve other national parks are within a few hour drive of Las Vegas.  
The conference welcomes papers from academics, including professors and students, and industry practitioners.  Non presenting participants are also welcome.  Theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of business, finance, marketing, management, accounting, MIS, public administration, economics, business law, business education, agribusiness, health care administration and related fields are welcome. Case studies in all areas of business, finance and related fields are also welcome. Papers do not need to be global in nature. English and Spanish language sessions will be offered. An Internet Session will be offered for those unable to make the trip to Las Vegas.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES (must be received at our office by) 
Submission for presentation consideration: October 28, 2014
Regular registration and Payment Receipt: November 10, 2014
Award submission: November 14, 2014
Proceedings submission: November 14, 2014
Late Registration deadline (late fee applies): November 24, 2014
Hotel Booking Deadline: December 4, 2014
Event dates: January   4-7, 2015

Deadline: November 10, 2014
Conference registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. At least one author per paper must register and pay the registration fees. All attending authors must register and pay the registration fee. Conference registration is US$360 for the first paper. Non-presenting participants are welcome and are subject to the US$360 registration fee.  The registration fee for full-time students is $330 (documentation of full-time student status is required).  There is an US$80 fee for each additional paper.  An additional $50 fee applies for papers having five or more authors.  A $50 late fee applies for registration fees received after November 10, 2014.  If your payment is not received in our office by November 24, 2014, your participation will be cancelled. Please note that the registration fee applies to all attending authors. The registration form and payment information are available at: www.theIBFR.com/cs.htm.

Deadline: December 4, 2014
We encourage you to stay at the conference hotel and to arrange for your lodging early.  Las Vegas is a popular destination at this time of year and hotels regularly sell out. We have arranged for a small block of rooms at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel at special rates.  Las Vegas rules require that each guestroom must have at least one registered guest twenty-one (21) years of age or older.  The rates for January 1 through January 10 are $109 double occupancy for the Deluxe room (3 Star), $139 double occupancy for the Go Room (4 Star).  Tax of 12% is added to all room fees.  These rates are available for booking until Thursday, December 4, 2014, or until the available block of rooms is reserved, whichever occurs first.  A credit card is required to make reservations and to check-in at the hotel.  To receive this group rate, attendees must call from the U.S. 888-373-9855 and from overseas 702-733-3111, and ask for the Global Conference on Business and Finance group rate. Alternatively, you can book online through our website at: www.theIBFR.com/call-us.htm.  Hotel cancellations must be received at least 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid charges.

Type of Participation
You can participate in an internet session or onsite. In either case, you can participate as presenter or a non-presenter. The internet session is designed for those who cannot travel to the conference venue.  Onsite participate is designed for those who will travel to the conference venue. You must select internet or onsite during the registration process.

Non-Presenting Conference Attendees

1. Download the appropriate full call for papers by following the links above.

2. Process your registration form (enter here to register).

3. Pay your registration fees (Enter here for Accepted forms of payment).

Presenting Conference Attendees

1. Download the appropriate full call for papers by following the links above.

2. Conference Submission- Submit your 200-word abstract, work-in process or full paper by the deadline (enter here). Early submissions are greatly appreciated.

3. After you submit your paper, you can expect to hear from us within 10 business days.

4. Registration--For accepted papers, Process your registration form (enter here to register).

5. Payment-Pay your registration fees (Enter here for Accepted forms of payment).

6. Proceedings Submission-Process your proceedings submission (optional) (enter here to send your submission). Early submissions are greatly appreciated.

7. Award Submission-Submit your award submission (optional) (enter here to send your award submission).  Early submissions are greatly appreciated.

8. Two weeks prior the event, the detailed program will be available in our website at www.theibfr.com/program.htm . You will receive an email notification.

9. Onsite participants will receive their receipt and conference materials during registration

Internet Session Participants

1. Complete steps 1 through 8 above.

2. You will receive an email with instructions on how to participate in the internet session.

3. Complete the mailing instructions form (enter here)

4. You will receive an email stating the date your conference welcome package will be mailed. Conference welcome package for internet participats are mailed approximately 10 days prior to the event.

We request that you kindly share this call with your colleagues. To subscribe to our mailing list, please send an email to subscribe@theibfr.com.
Journal Publication Opportunities
 The Conference is affiliated with eight peer-reviewed journals:
    The International Journal of Business and Finance Research
    International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
    Global Journal of Business Research
    Accounting and Taxation
    Business Education and Accreditation
    Review of Business and Finance Studies
    Revista Internacional Administración & Finanzas (Spanish Language)
    Revista Global de Negocios (Spanish Language)
The journals are distributed in print and through  EBSCOHost, ProQuest ABI/Inform and SSRN. Please visit our website for journal specific distribution, indexing and ranking information at www.theibfr.com/journal.htm, including JEL, Cabell’s, Ulrich’s and others.  Papers honored with the Outstanding Research Award at the conference will be offered publication in one of our journals. In addition, papers receiving the Best Paper in Session Award are reviewed for possible journal publication.

Publication in the Refereed Conference Proceedings (Optional)
Publishing in the Refereed Conference Proceedings is optional and free to registered and paid conference attendees. Submission of your paper for proceedings publication implies that the paper is your own work, is not copyrighted, and you have obtained the appropriate consent from all co-authors for publication.   Conference proceedings are published under the title "Global Conference on Business and Finance Proceedings."  The conference proceedings are distributed on online, on electronic media and through EBSCOHost and ProQuest ABI/Inform.   The conference proceedings are indexed by EBSCOHost, ProQuest, Unrich’s Periodical Directory and Index Copernicus.  You can publish a 2 to 5-page version of your paper or a full paper (not to exceed 10 properly formatted pages).  We encourage you to publish a short version of your paper in the proceedings.  All proceedings submissions must be in MS Word and must be formatted according to our proceedings guidelines located at www.theIBFR.com/guidelines.htm.  Proceedings submissions may be in either English or Spanish.  Spanish language submissions must include an English title and abstract in addition to the Spanish title and abstract.  To submit a paper for publication in the conference proceedings, visit the following website:  www.theibfr.com/cs.htm.

Outstanding Research Award
Registered and paid attendees may submit their paper for award consideration and possible publication in one of our journals.  Only registered and paid authors of award winning papers will receive a certificate, award plaque, reviewer comments, and official journal publication acceptance letter.  Award winners are required to properly format their document and make any other changes required by the reviewers and/or editor prior to journal publication.  Please note that there is a $30 per page publication fee (minimum of $300) for papers published in the journals. Submissions to the award competition are treated in the same fashion as a journal submission. Thus, all award-winning submissions are subject to a blind review process. Submitting a paper for award consideration implies that your paper has not been published elsewhere, is not copyrighted, and is not under publication consideration elsewhere.  It also implies that you are prepared to pay the publication fee if your paper wins an award.  Award submissions may be in English or Spanish.  To submit a paper for award consideration, visit the following website:  www.theibfr.com/cs.htm.

Best in Session Award
Based on a peer-review process, one paper will be selected as the best paper in each session for an award.  Only registered and paid authors of Best in Session Award Winners will receive a certificate.  Certificates will be awarded at the luncheon or banquet.  Authors of Best in Session Award Winning papers are invited to submit their papers to our regular review process for possible publication.

The Institute reserves the right to relocate the conference, cancel the conference, or reassign some or all presentations to internet sessions, in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist event, illness or other unusual circumstances as determined solely at the discretion of the IBFR. In the event of conference cancellation, the Institute will only be responsible for, at most, returning the attendee’s conference registration fee. The IBFR reserves the right to modify, add to, or delete its policies and procedures at any time.  Any such change shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between the IBFR and conference participants or paper authors. The IBFR reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

We look forward to visiting with you at the conference. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Conference submissions: www.theibfr.com/cs.htm
Questions about the conference: submissions@theibfr.com
Questions at: admin@theibfr.com
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Accepted payment methods: www.theibfr.com/paymentmethods.htm
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