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About the Internet Session

Sesión Español ingrese en  Sesion Internet

A number of individuals are unable to attend the conference due to travel funding or other travel limitations (e.g. visa). To accommodate those individuals, an internet session is offered at the GCBFs.

Those who register for the internet session will participate in the conference just as any other participant. However, rather than physically presenting their paper at the conference, they will provide an electronic version of their presentation (PowerPoint Presentation, PDF file). This electronic version will be posted on our website Internet Session for all internet session participants to review and to comment on. A paper version of the presentation will also be available at the conference for individuals to view and comment on.

Participants in an internet session will be eligible for the Outstanding Research Award as well as the Best Paper in Session Award. You will also receive the conference welcome package which includes your program, conference proceedings, certificate of participation etc. If your paper is award the Outstanding Research Award, a $25 per page fee will apply in addition to your conference registration.

To participate in the Internet Session, please submit your paper in the normal fashion described in the call for papers. When filling out the registration form, simply indicate that you wish to participate in an internet session.

The advantages of participation on our conference are:

  • Your name and affiliation will appear on our conference program and your paper will be scheduled for presentation (internet session in your case).
  • You can publish an abstract, short version of your paper in our conference proceedings or the entire paper. If you want to publish the entire papers in our conference (ISSN 1931-0285) you must limit your paper to no more than 12 properly formatted pages. We suggest that you publish a short version, if you plan to participate on our Outstanding Research Award.
  • You can participate on our Award competitions. Outstanding Research Award winners will receive a plaque, a certificate and will be offered publication in one of your journals. Best in Session Award Winners will receive a certificate and their paper will be review for possible publication in one of our journals.

Presentation in the Internet Session

For the internet session, we can post your paper submission (PDF file) or we can post a PowerPoint presentation. If you wish to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, we ask that you limit your presentation to more than 20 slides. Some online participants only have access to a dial-up connection and opening large PowerPoint or PDF files may be difficult for them. We will inform you the deadline for PowerPoint presentation as the conference approaches.

Para aquellos participantes que no pueden realizar el viaje a nuestros eventos académicos, ofrecemos una sesión Internet. Si usted se registra, cancela su cuota de registro y decide participar en a la sesión de Internet, su ponencia/trabajo de investigación recibirá el mismo tratamiento como si usted hubiera asistido físicamente: Es decir usted:

  • Puede publicar un resumen o su trabajo completo de investigación en las memorias/proceedings del congreso.
  • Usted recibirá su certificado de participación al congreso.
  • Usted recibira su certificado de expositor ( participates expositor unicamente reciben este certificado)
  • Recibirá su paquete de registro (el cual incluye, recibo de pago de registro, programa del congreso y las memorias/proceedings).
  • Puede participar en el Outstanding Research Award y en el Best in Session Award. en la misma forma que los participantes que si asistirán físicamente.
  • Podrá enviar una “versión para presentación”(e.g. presentación en power point). La cual se colorara en la sesión Internet durante los días del congreso

En resumen, la única diferencia, es que su ponencia estará en una disponible durante el congreso en forma impresa  para que los participantes las lean y comenten y en internet para aquellos que desean revisarla. Los comentarios que realicen los participantes al congreso se les enviaran a los participantes en la sesión de Internet al final del congreso
Finalmente, únicamente el autor(a) que se registra y cancela la cuota de participación recibirá el paquete de registro (el cual incluye, su gafete, recibo de pago de registro, certificado de participación, programa del congreso y las memorias/proceedings).
Si usted decide que este tipo de sesión satisface sus necesidades, usted necesita registrarse y cancelar la cuota de registro. En el formulario de registro seleccione Internet.
Por supuesto, la asistencia física al congreso le provee el beneficio de interacción y “networking” con los participantes de otras naciones e instituciones, y empresas.