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Review of Business and Finance Studies (RBFS)

Review of Business and Finance Studies  (ISSN:2150-3338 [print] and ISSN 2156-8081 [online] ) publishes high-quality studies  in all areas of business finance and related fields.  Empirical, and theoretical papers as well as case studies are welcome. Cases can be based on real-world or hypothetical situations. The Journal, first published in 2010, is published twice per year by the Institute for Business and Finance Research, LLC.  Journal overall accept rate is 25 percent.All papers submitted to the Journal are blind reviewed and authors receive reviewer comments.


The Journal is distributed in print and electronically through The Institute for Business and Finance Research website, EBSCOHost, Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) and Social Science Research Network (SSRN).


  • Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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