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We have organized our frequently asked questions into two categories, journal related and conference related questions:


Do I have to pay to publish my paper?

Yes, there is a page fee to have your paper published in our Journals.  Under journal review process, you will find currently publications cost.

Do you offer Writing Editing Services?

We offer writing editing services for papers that do not meet our writing quality requirements.  There is an additional fee for this service above and beyond the regular publication fee.

Do I have to pay to have my paper reviewed?

We have two types of submissions: Standard Review and Expedited Review.  For the Standard Review, there is no review fee.  For the Expedited Review, there is a review fee. Under journal review process, you will find currently expedited review fees.

Do I need to format my paper before I submit it?

Pre-formatted papers are appreciated but not required for initial submissions.  If your paper is accepted for publication, you will have to format the paper to our guidelines.

How do I submit my paper?

First, review our journal submission process guidelines.Then, use the journal submissions form to start the review process.

How long is the review process?

For standard submissions, the initial review is generally completed in 90-120 days.  For Expedited Reviews, the initial review is completed within two weeks. For the Standard Review, there is no review fee.  For the Expedited Review, there is a review fee.

When my paper will be published?

Your paper will appear in print between 4 months and 1 year after it is finally accepted and paid.  Print timing depends on the journal’s publication frequency and when your paper is accepted relative to the publication cycle for the journal.

Where is your copyright information?

The information is available at Copyright information

How do I subscribe to your journal?

We have annual subscription to our journals. You need to complete our subscription form and process your subscription payment using any of our accepted forms of payment. Delivery of your subscription will start as soon as your subscription form and payment are received.

How do I subscribe to your mailing list?

To receive news and updates about your journals and conferences, Please fill out the subscription form.

Where can I find my paper once published?

We will send you a complimentary copy of the journal where your paper appears.  Your paper will also be available on the journal archives section of our website

Do I get a complimentary copy of the journal in which my paper appears?

We send complimentary copy(ies) of the journal in which your paper appears to the corresponding authors.  Corresponding authors are responsible for distributing copies of the journal to their co-authors.

How are your journals distributed?

Our Journals are distributed in print.  They are also distributed electronically through EBSCO Host, the IBFR journal archives, Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and through Research Papers in Economics (RePEC).

Are your journals indexed or ranked?  What is the Impact Factor of your Journals?

Our journals are indexed and ranked.  Please visit each journal to obtain specific indexing and ranking information.  Impact factors of our journals change daily.  We encourage you to use Harzing’s Publish or Perish Software to obtain updated data.


Where can I get information about your conference?

in our call for papers, your will find detailed information for each of our future conferences.

Who can participate in the conference?

The event welcomes presenters from the academic community (students, professor and administrator), and from industry. The event also welcomes non-presenters from the academic community (students, professor and administrator), and from industry.

What do I need to do to participate?

Please start by reviewing how to participate section. This section will provide with step by step introductions on how to participate as a presenter or as a non-presenter (listener).

Do I have to pay to participate in the conference?

Yes, all participating individuals must pay the non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee.

How much it cost the attend the conference?

The call for papers for each conference notes the registration fee.  you can find our call for papers in our future events section.

What is the difference between conference, proceedings and award submissions?

If you plan to participate as a presenter, wish to publish in the conference proceedings and wish to participate in the Outstanding Research competition,, you will prepare three submissions as follows:

Initial Submission (required): The initial conference submission is used to determining if your paper is accepted for presentation.   You will be notified if your paper has been accepted within 10 days of submission.

Proceedings Submission (optional): If your paper is accepted for presentation, you may submit your paper for publication in the conference proceedings.  This submission is optional, but you are required to prepare a short properly-formatted version of your paper (2-10 pages) using our guidelines and submit it using the proceedings submission form.  Your initial submission will not be used for proceedings publication.   You must make a separate submission for the proceedings.

Award Submission (optional): The award submission is also optional.  In order to participate, you are required to formally submit your full paper using the award submission form. Your initial submission will not be used for award consideration.  You must make a separate submission for the award competition.

Again, please note you must make separate submissions for conference participation, proceedings publication and outstanding research award competition submission.

Is my conference submission published in the proceedings?

No, your conference submission is used for presentation acceptance only. You must make a separate submission if you wish to publish in the proceedings.  Registered and paid attendees may publish a short properly-formatted version (2-10 pages). To publish in the conference proceedings, papers must comply with our formatting, submission and proceedings standards. The call for papers and acceptance letters will provide you with detailed information on how to submit your proceedings successfully.

How much it cost to participate in the internet session?

The cost to participate in the onsite or internet session is the same. Our call for papers includes detailed information about the event and registration fee amount. We list all call for papers in our future events section.

How do I prepare my conference submission?

We do not require a specific format for initial conference submissions.  However, we encourage you to use our guidelines to prepare your submission.

Is there a proceedings submission guideline?

Yes, you will need our proceedings submission guidelines

Do I have to publish in the proceedings?

No, publishing in the proceedings is optional.

Do I have to have a completed paper to participate?

No, you are welcome to present completed papers or working papers.  You may also register as a non-presenting participant if you prefer not to present your research.  The conference is intended to help you develop your ideas and move your research forward.  Working papers are acceptable.

Do I have to participate in the Outstanding Research Award?

No, Participating in the Outstanding Research Award is optional.

What is the Outstanding Research Award competition?

The Outstanding Research Award competition is a review process for possible acceptance for journal publication. Outstanding Research Award winners are determined based on a blind peer-review process.  Registered and paid authors of award-winning papers receive a certificate, a plaque, reviewer comments and are offered publication on one of our journals.

What is the Best in Session Award Competition?

Best in Session Awards (BISA) are determined based on a voting process in each session.  BISA winners are selected based on: number of votes from the audience, Session Chair recommendation and Event Organizers recommendation. Best in Session Award winners receive a certificate noting their accomplishment.

How much time do I have to present my paper?

As a general rule, you will have 20-25 minutes to make your presentation including time for questions.

What do I need to bring for my presentation?

We provide a computer and projector in each presentation room.  You may bring your pen-drive/flash drive with files to use on our equipment.  We strongly encourage you to have a backup of your files stored in your email or other cloud-based application for emergency access.  Bringing a paper copy of your presentation is also a good idea.  Use of your files with our equipment is at your own risk.

Will I have internet access in the conference room?

Internet access is generally not available in the presentation rooms.  A community computer will be available in the conference registration room.

Do I need to stay at the conference hotel?

We encourage you to stay at the conference hotels.  We have negotiated what we believe is the best available option for you.  Sometimes other hotels have better rates, but extra transportation costs often more than offset the savings.

What is included with my registration?

Registered and paid attendees are entitled to make a 15 to 20-minute presentation, all conference materials, coffee breaks, publish in the conference proceedings and participate in the award competitions.

Do I have to pay to attend the social events (meals)?

The IBFR sponsors meal services as stated in your acceptance letter. Each registered and paid participant will receive a sponsored ticket for him/her to use. Event tickets are not transferable.

Can I bring my spouse or child to the meals?

You can purchase tickets for your spouse or child to attend the meals.  These tickets are not available for non-registered co-authors.

Is my registration fee refundable?

Registration fees are not refundable or transferable.

Can I participate in the conference without presenting a paper?

You may participate at the conference as a presenting or non-presenting participant.  Non-presenting participants can attend all sessions and participate in all social activities.  Regular registration fees apply for non-presenting participants.

What is the Internet Session?

The Internet Session is intended for those individuals who are unable to travel to the conference venue. Those who register for the internet session participate in the conference just as any other participant. However, rather than physically presenting their paper at the conference, they will provide an electronic version of their presentation (PowerPoint Presentation, PDF file). This electronic version will be posted on our website Internet Session for all internet session participants to review and to comment on. The internet session is a continuous event (open 24 during the event dates). Thus, you will not have a specific presentation time. Please note that the internet session is not a video-conference.  Registered and paid participants for the internet session are eligible for the Outstanding Research Award as well as the Best Paper in Session Award. You also receive the conference welcome package which includes your program, conference proceedings, certificate of participation, certificate of participation, etc. This material is identical to the material that onsite participants received.

Do have to pay extra to Publish in the conference Proceedings?
No, your conference registration fee allows you to publish up to a 10 page paper in the proceedings without additional charges.

What is the minimum length for a Proceedings submission?

Proceedings must be at least 2 pages in length.

My co-author and I are both attending the conference. Do we both need to pay the conference registration fee?

Yes, all conference attending co-authors and non-participating attendees must pay the conference registration fee.

I am currently working on a paper that is not complete.  Can I submit it for presentation at the conference?

Yes.  The conference is intended to help you develop your ideas and move your research forward.  Working papers are acceptable.

Do I have to pay an additional fee if my paper wins the Outstanding Research Award and is offered publication?

Yes.  Outstanding Research Award winning papers are offered publication in one of our journals.  There is a separate fee for publishing in the journal.  You must pay this fee only if your paper wins the award and is offered publication in our journals.  Please view our journal submission process section for current rates.

Can I submit in the Award Competition if I do not wish to publish in your journals?

No. The Outstanding Research Award competition is exclusively for those individuals who, if they win the award, will publish the paper in our journals.

I have changed my plans and will not be able to attend the conference.  Can I receive a refund for my payment?

Conference registration fees are not refundable.  Further, they are not transferable to other individuals or to other IBFR events.  If you cannot physically attend, we will move your presentation to the internet session which is intended for individuals who wish to participate in the conference but cannot physically be present.

What happens if I win the Outstanding Research Award?

If your paper wins the Outstanding Research Award, we will offer your paper publication in one of our journals.  To publish your paper, you must complete all changes required by the reviewers and the editor to their satisfaction.  You must sign a warranty form and permission to publish form.  Finally, you must pay the publication fee.  Once we have all of these items, we will schedule your paper for publication.

I participated in the conference but did not win the outstanding research award.  Can I still publish in your Journals?

Your paper remains eligible for publication.  To have your paper further considered for publication, you should use the comments you received at the conference to improve your paper.  Then, submit your paper to us as a direct submission.

Will my co-authors who are not attending or registering for the conference receive a Participation or Presentation Certificate?

The registered and paid author will receive a Participation Certificate for each attending and non-attending co-author.  Only registered and paid co-authors receive the Presentation Certificate.

Do I need a visa to enter Costa Rica?

Visa requirements vary by country.  Please visit the Costa Rica Embassy Website in Washington DC . under the Nationality you will find country specific entry requirements.

Do I need a visa to enter the United States?

Visa requirements vary by country.  Contact your nearest U.S. Embassy to determine U.S. vaccination and visa requirements.