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Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR) Publication Opportunities

The Institute for Business and Finance Research (IBFR) invites you to browse our journals and to submit your work for possible publication.  We use a blind reviewed process.  The Journals are distributed in print, and electronically through EBSCO Industries (EBSCOHost), Research Papers in Economics (REpec) and the IBFR website.  Thus, the content is widely available to a global audience.  The journals are indexed and ranked through various independent outlets as noted on the homepage for each journal.

The IBFR sponsors eight peer-reviewed journals:

The International Journal of Business and Finance Research
(IJBFR), ISSN # 1931-0269 print & 2157-0698 online

International Journal of Management and Marketing Research
(IJMMR), ISSN # 1933-3153 print & 2157-0205 online

Global Journal of Business Research
(GJBR), ISSN 1931-0277 print & 2157-0191 online

Accounting & Taxation
(AT), ISSN 1944-592X print & 2157-0175 online

Business Education and Accreditation
(BEA), ISSN 1944-5903 print & 2157-0809 online

Review of Business & Finance Studies
(RBFS), ISSN 2150-3338 print & 2156-8081 online

Revista Internacional Administración & Finanzas
(RIAF),ISSN 1933-608X print & 2157-3182 online

Revista Global de Negocios
(RGN), ISSN 2328-4641 print & 2328-4668

We believe in the power of research and knowledge sharing. For our conference and journals, we welcome both theoretical and empirical manuscripts in all areas of business, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, information technology and related fields. Research topics do not need to be global in nature for the conferences or Journals. Topics specific to any country, area, or issue are accepted.